Buffalo Bills Seating Chart

Even though it isn't exactly a new, state of the art facility, having opened in 1973, Ralph Wilson Stadium certainly doesn't look like your average run of the mill classic old football field. The bulk of the design is traditional in nature, resembling a classic half oval, half rectangle style. However, there are extra, high-end nubs on the north, south, east and west sides of the stadium, giving it a bit of an almost face-shaped look где находится город Иерусалим. It is difficult to describe, but once you take a gander at the Buffalo Bills seating chart, you'll come to realize that there's something sort of unique about the stadium's look. But forget the stadium shape. This place was designed to watch football games in, right? So where's the best seats in the house?

Using The Buffalo Bills Seating Chart

For the answers to that, you need to turn to the aforementioned Buffalo Bills seating chart. Seating charts are an exceptionally useful tool for those scouting out potential seats for future ticket purchases, and the one provided for Ralph Wilson Stadium is no exception. As you can see from looking at the chart, there are essentially three levels of seating available at the Bills facility. The seats closest to the field are 100-level, while the middle seating is 200-level and the upper-most level is considered the 300-level. However, there are eight different tiers of ticket pricing. The cheapest is the $35 Club Level Family Corner, which is located at 200-level, behind the end zone, near Gate 1. The most expensive, obviously, are the lower-level sideline seats, which still come in at a rather reasonable $53 for single game tickets or $430 for a complete season package. End zone seating ranges from $41 to $49 dollars, based on exact location, with the best deal likely being lower level end zone seating at $44 to $45 per ticket.