Buffalo Bills Tickets

With two other football teams technically calling the state of New York home, one might think that Buffalo Bills tickets go largely forgotten and ignored. Nothing could be further from the truth, though. The Bills, like the Jets and the Giants, have a faithful following -- and they're the only one of the three teams that actually play in New York. The Bills have drawn more than 500,000 fans to their eight home games during each of the past three seasons, with an average of 70-plus thousand attending games at Ralph Wilson Stadium in 2003 and 2004, placing them in the top ten in total NFL per game attendance узнайте подробности о стране Алжир здесь. In fact, they have topped the 70,000 mark in average single-game attendance during five of the past seven NFL seasons. Bills fans may not get the attention that Giants or Jets fans do, but clearly they love their football every bit as much.

Where To Get Buffalo Bills Tickets

Buffalo fans have helped lead their club sell out at least 93% of their team's games, home and road, during each of the past two seasons. In fact, over 1.1 million people watched Buffalo play live in 2004. Obviously, people who want to purchase Buffalo Bills tickets will find that they have a tough road to hoe. So, considering that the team is one of the more popular in the National Football League, how does one go about obtaining seats to a Bills game? Single game may be ordered directly through the team's website. However, they never last long. Bills tickets are usually sold out by mid-September. Even though passes to Buffalo football games are a hot commodity, intrepid ticket-seekers should still be able to track down seats. Check out the distributors listed on this website. They should be more than equipped to help you begin your quest for tickets to an upcoming Bills game.